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Nicoline de Liefde


Stadswoning in de Vijfhoek in Haarlem

Difficult to resist such a special house, in such a great location, we have everything we need “around the corner”. Vijfhoek is like a village.

We wanted to change the look of what we had in all the rooms, but didn’t know where to start. The biggest problem was that we intend to sell the house and move to France within a couple of years and therefore needed furniture that could easily move to a country house and be able to move the pieces from room to room and group them differently. We looked at a lot of different shops but could never settle on anything because I am very insecure when it comes to decorating.

I know what I like but lack confidence when it comes to putting things together. What we especially liked from Nicoline was that she asked very pertinent questions about what we wanted. She came to our house to have a look around in order to have a better feel of what we wanted and what would fit better in those rooms. Her help was invaluable. She didn’t want to just sell us furniture, she wanted to make sure we bought what was right for us.

We were very impressed with the level of service she provided. I learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t and why when doing a room. The prospect of doing it all by ourselves in a new house when we move to France doesn’t seem so complicated anymore.

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